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Classroom Social Networking Ideas



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Social Networking in the Classroom


Ideas for Social Networking with Students

Using social networking sites are an everyday occurrence with students. Teachers can use this to their advantage by using these resources as part of their classroom curriculum. Social networking sites can be used to enhance student - teacher as well as parent - teacher communication.

Classroom Ideas for Social Networking

  • Keep students engaged in learning, both in the classroom and out

  • Use your classroom site to teach students about Internet Safety

  • Share videos, podcasts, and vodcasts with students

  • Encourage parents to participate, foster parent - teacher communication as well as teaching parents the basics about social networking

  • Use your classroom site to work on a collaborative project

Educational Social Networking

  • Ning - Allows you to create your own social networking site or join a site already created.

  • Facebook - Create a "school" facebook account if you want privacy of your personal information. Use your school facebook account to interact with students. Post information such as video links for additional information on the subject you teach, web site links, and discussion questions.

  • Wiki and Blog Sites - Teachers can also use sites listed under Wikis and Blogs to social network with students.

  • Twitter - Create a twitter account, give your students your information so they can "follow" you. Use twitter to send short important class announcements such as homework assignments, reminders and more.


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