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Social Bookmarking in the Classroom



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Educational Social Bookmarking


Social Bookmarking Ideas

Social bookmarking is a tool educators can use to store, organize and share bookmarks of websites. The bookmarks or favorites are stored on a Social Bookmarking site rather than on your local machine. As a teacher, this tool can be very beneficial in organizing websites for use with students. Social Bookmarking sites will also allow you to share your bookmarked or favorites sites with colleagues.

  • List websites for classroom use

  • Access bookmark/favorites from any computer with an Internet connection

  • Share sites with colleagues

  • Create a list of homework help sites that students can access from home or school

  • Create a list of safe research sites for students

  • Organize your bookmarks/favorites by topic

  • Show students how to use Social Bookmarking sites to store their own sites

Social Bookmarking Sites


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