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Examview in the Classroom


What is Examview?

Examview is a test generating software program. Examview test questions can be housed in "banks" and then used to create multiple versions of the same test. The same Examview banks can be used to create quizzes, pre-tests, or to check for understanding during an instructional unit. Examview banks or test questions can also be imported into the Classroom Performance System (CPS) software for use with the CPS clickers.

How Can I use Examview in my classroom?

  • Check the software that came with your textbooks from the past few years. Many textbook companies now include a disk with examview questions that are textbook specific.

  • Create online tests or quizzes for students to take in a computer lab

  • Modify a test for students with special needs

  • Create multiple versions of the same test to deter cheating

  • Import questions into Classroom Performance System (CPS) software for reviews or quizzes




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