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Classroom Performance System (CPS)


Student Response Systems in the Classroom

Classroom Performance System Clickers and Software are one brand of Student Response Systems. The benefit of the CPS Clickers is that they work with Examview Software. Since Examview databases of questions are now included with the majority of today's textbooks, using CPS in K-12 education makes sense. Today's teachers are very busy preparing lessons, teaching students, and grading papers. Using clickers in the classroom allows teachers to have on-going assessment with their students without requiring extra papers to grade.

The Classroom Performance System Software works in 2 major ways. "Engage Teach" allows you to pull in content from Examview or type questions directly into the CPS Software. "Engage Verbal" allows you to use the software with any website, verbal question, question written on the board or questions in a PowerPoint presentation. Having these 2 options gives the teacher many options when using the clickers in the classroom.

  • Teacher can create content in Examview and then import that information into CPS.

  • Many textbooks now come with Examview databases of questions. These questions can also be imported into the CPS software.

Why should I use Student Response Systems in my classroom?

  • Quizzes and test are graded automatically. Students do not have to wait for the teacher to grade 30+ tests to determine how they did.

  • Pre-test students before beginning a unit of study to determine prior knowledge and weak areas

  • Give 2-5 question quizzes (can be graded or non-graded) during an instructional unit to determine if students are grasping the content. Instantly see the concepts students are having difficulty with and re-teach those concepts.

  • Provide on-going assessment with students.

  • Use CPS with any existing PowerPoint presentation containing questions




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