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Classroom Use of Online Calendars



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Online Calendars in the Classroom


What are Online Calendars

Online Calendars are a wonderful resource for school districts, individual schools, classrooms, library/media centers, and computer labs. Many online calendars can be embedded into the websites already used by districts, schools and individual classroom websites or blogs.

So what are the benefits of using an Online Calendar embedded in my website?


The benefits of using an online calendar embeded into a website versus a flat copied calendar are numerous. One of the benefits of an online calendar is that you do not have to copy a new calendar each time the month changes. Finding a nice looking copied calendar is not hard to do, but taking the time to change that calendar each month can get time consuming. If you want to show multiple months space on your website can also become an issue. Another benefit of online calendars is the ease of updating the content. By logging into one website, multiple people can add or edit items on the calendar and those updates will automatically appear on the website where the online calendar has been embedded. The look of an online calendar is another benefit. Flat copied calendars are just that. They are not interactive and are somewhat boring. An online calendar has a different look, almost a 3-D look. Online calendars have an interactive component that allows the user to explore months in the past as well as months to come within the same area that one copied calendar would normally fit.


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Ways to use Online Calendars in Education

Ideas for using Online Calendars in a School District

  • Track meetings for central office

  • Board meeting dates

  • Special District-Wide events

  • District-wide calendar

    • Show Holidays

    • Days Teachers have to report

    • Days students are in session

    • Track inclement weather dates

Ideas for using Online Calendars in Individual Schools

  • Track meetings for teachers

  • Important school-wide events

  • Schedule Professional Development Activities

Classroom Ideas for using Online Calendars

  • Homework assignments

  • Test dates

  • "This day in history" relating to your individual subject area

Library/ Media Center Ideas for using Online Calendars

  • Schedule library times for classes

  • Show information such as the birthdays of well-known authors

  • Schedule activities such as book fairs

Computer Lab Ideas for using Online Calendars

  • Allow teachers to see when the lab is free so they can "sign-up" for lab time

  • Track who is using the lab

Free Online Calendar Sites

  • CalendarFly - ",,,uniquely suited for school systems, sports teams, families, and any other organization because it automatically maintains and updates the schedules of teachers, administrators, coaches, parents, and students--making it easy for all of them to connect in real time and real places."

  • Assign-A-Day - Online calendar created specifically for educators. Assign-A-Day features include the ability to create assignments that span multiple days, make shared calendars to work collaboratively with other educators, and the ability to duplicate and edit your calendars.

  • Google Calendar - Allows you to share your calendar with friends, family, colleagues and students. Will sync with Outlook or a mobile device. Embed your calendar into a district, school or classroom website.

  • 30 Boxes - Share your online calendar with friends, family, colleagues, and/or students. Embed your calendar into your classroom, school, or district website. Customize themes to fit your needs.

  • Yahoo Calendar - Customizable calendar containing many options such as sharing; reminders; import/export your data to/from Outlook; and will sync with Outlook, Outlook Express and Palm.




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