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Educational Technology - in and out of the classroom!


When the general public hear the words “classroom technology4 they usually think about a desktop computer or laptop. In K-12 education, this term no longer means just a classroom computer. The term classroom technology can now be put into three categories.

The first classroom technology category includes the basic hardware and software in the classroom. This may include the classroom computer(s), a digital projectors, digital document cameras, wireless pads, interactive white boards, student response systems, webcams, instructional software and other peripheral devices.

The next classroom technology category concerns the way teachers use that technology in the classroom to incorporate a variety of classroom learning styles in their classroom instruction.

The last classroom technology category breaks the barriers of the traditional classroom to provide instruction to students anywhere and anytime. The technology tools that are available on this website provide the technology resources teachers to provide an open communication channel for students, parents and educators in this digital age.

This classroom technology website provides teachers with the tools and information needed to become 21st century educators. The students of today are considered Digital Natives and should be properly prepared for their future of digital global economy by teachers that incorporate digital technology into the students curriculum. Students need the opportunity to utilize a wide variety of digital formats for a wide variety of purposes, and teachers need the information that allows an educator to incorporate everyday teaching methods utilizing the hardware, software, and online resources available in the modern classroom of today in order to break the barriers of traditional classroom teaching methods.




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